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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A New Game

it's been after a half of May since i was fired, luckily i had about 10 interview notifications, and finally i got a new job, although it wasn't the most company i wished, but pretty close(second priority).

it's wonderful that i have job now, meantime i also like back to the old days, OT hell, i was overtime in the first day i reported to my new company, and next 2 weeks, every day was OT, strangely, everyone seems to ordinary about this, but i'm not. so every OT days i was the one who left first, that made me felt a bit of guilty. however, who cares LOL.

well, about the controversy of my last company, i think i should find some time to process, still i didn't like the ending but... i have no choice, the only thing i will admit was something i said about Mr. F, and i said it because in that timing he did so. i guess it doesn't matter any more, i worked for 3 years and then i got fired because the situation i don't even know, i can't just let it happen, i must fight for my right. god bless us.


Frank Sausage said...

god bless you~