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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


three months past, i am getting good at this position of my career, and fortune goddess arrived finally, i believed this is a fantasy year.

first i got fired, with a wtf reason, i tried to earn my rights, but i failed, so i asked for help, some said i could have apply government assistance, meanwhile i needed some cash to pay my tax, and then a new job came to me, thought it payment didn't that well, but i took it still, a horrible project pop up and i didn't have time to sue my ex-employer, and i didn't know if i could make it, however here i was, sat on my desk as employee of the company, typed my journal.

right now all i have to do, is studied more software programming's technical, i am sure this company have lots of new adventure awaiting for me.

by the way, maybe it's time to finished what i has lost from the ex-company.

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