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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Children Of Bodom - Oops! I Did It Again (Oficial)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

black heart

a black heart guy tried to be a good man, a good lover, a good husband. he thought he was, at least, he tried to be, a good man. but trying isn’t good enough, never enough. so he stopped talking, stopped meeting new friends, stopped loving another woman. he knows too much the pain he could cause, the emptiness he could bring, the happiness he wants to give but never gave.
maybe he wasn’t that bad after all, maybe he is a good guy but always doing the wrong thing in the wrong time. but in the end, he still hurts every heart he once loved. how dare he though he is a good guy after he broken so many hearts!
the black heart he once vow not to be, yet he fail to keep vow, he laughs at himself, wondering black heart is a good title or not.

Monday, November 28, 2011

the worst year of my life.

this year is about to end. i must write this to remind me what i have done to mess up my life.
so i (wish i) could get my life back again, and try to get better and better.

i was so wrong when i met her, there was once i thought she is the one i ever wanted. and i sent the girl away because i wanna be with her.

how ever, couple monthes passed, it turnout i was so wrong, she is so childish and not-growing-up, but it's already too late.

the girl has a new boyfriend, who treats her very well and she no longer loves me.
all i got is regret, all i had is nothing, but beautiful and sweet memory with the girl.

now, people said "comes around, goes around". and it true enough.

i wish the girl could back but...

no, it's not going to happen.

still, i will pray for her, she is a good girl, and she deserved a better life then me.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

status update





我本來以為,像我這樣的怪咖怎麼會有人喜歡,但她們都說「不會啊,我真的很喜歡你。」於是我開始相信真的有人會喜歡我。但是現在,我再也不相信了。或許是我真的不懂愛情吧,也或許是我終究只會當好人,而沒辦法當個好男人,好老公。這一切都不重要了,對吧? 現在,我更加漫無目的的活著,對於扮殭屍這種事情來說我真的很有天份吧! 毫無目地的過活著,每天只想趕快結束,日復一日著,祈禱著趕快走到盡頭,趕快完成這段荒謬的旅程。

不管是獨自一人或是有人陪伴,但我想應該還是獨自一人吧? 我還是不配得到幸福快樂的結局。

Sunday, July 10, 2011

i just know it.





「哎唷! 幹嘛一直說這些啊! 小心我揍你。而且很晚了,你不是應該回去了嗎?」女孩試圖轉換話題,但滴在地上的眼淚卻讓Ice明白了。



Friday, December 31, 2010

one step forward

the last day of the year, how should i spend this precious memories? with friends? or with family?

no need to say, but, i wish to stay alone while the world celebrate the end of the year.

why? it is simple, i wish to hammer myself, to learn more knowledge, to be humble. therefore, i need be alone without distribute.

so i'm sorry for my friends, and my family, i sincerely hope you have a good time, even it's without me.

i wish you a great year!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

a tale

everything seems so familiar, just like it happened a few second before, but, yet, it has not happened. Ice sited on the chair, a noise sound came from behind him was the drunk man fall on the floor, struggling to get up. city guards sited on the corner far away from this joke, laughing at drunk man. bartender was too busy to take care the man laid on the floor, almost every one in the tavern has asked for another round. and somehow the guy on the floor yelled "get me up will ya?", but none of them, drinking famous ale of the town, answer his call.

Ice slowly tasted his hot tea, a few people would have a tea in such place like Poison Apple, a tavern full of adventurer, merchant, fairy tale character or even gang thug. but reputation of Ice has already grant him a quite place for his tea. a good and kind cleric with finest warhammer skills, made him a good partner in any party. although this good cleric did some odd behaver, however his role in an adventure party is far important then his odd style.

"can you get me up?" the guy laid on the floor said once again, Ice couldn't stop to help him base on his good character, the good cleric lower his hand tried to reach the drunk guy
and got him up on his feet, a dagger show up on the drunk guy's hand, Ice tumbled back to his table and warhammer and tower shield on his hand. the drunk guy seems upset when he failed to stab the cleric, "i shouldn't drink that much." he groaned, ready to assault the cleric, Ice hold his tower shield tie, asked "who are you? and what do you want from me?" he did not understand why some one want him to die. "you don't need to know that much." the drunk guy said, swing his dagger to attack, Ice blocked the attack and his warhammer straight hit the wretch guy's head. the distribution has draw city guards attention, "Now I have to explain everything." Ice wondered.