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Friday, December 31, 2010

one step forward

the last day of the year, how should i spend this precious memories? with friends? or with family?

no need to say, but, i wish to stay alone while the world celebrate the end of the year.

why? it is simple, i wish to hammer myself, to learn more knowledge, to be humble. therefore, i need be alone without distribute.

so i'm sorry for my friends, and my family, i sincerely hope you have a good time, even it's without me.

i wish you a great year!


DoDoLin said...

沒關係,我們不會介意的,只要你的心裡不是孤單寂寞覺得冷就好了 XDD

Frank Sausage said...


Penny the Tattooed Freak of the Evil One said...

hey!! i forgot to tell you, happy new year XD