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Friday, March 16, 2007



在幾年前風靡全台灣的樂團"Linking Park"現在在Youtube上創立了一個新的頻道"LPTV"。

另外,附上一則關於Linking Park的新聞。

Minutes to Midnight in Stroe May 15!
Linking Park's much-anticipated new album, Minutes to Midnight, will be in stroes on Tuesday, May 15! If you are outside of the US, you can find the album in stores in Monday, May 14!

Expect to hear the first piece of brand new music starting on April 2, when the new single "What I've Done" will be released.

"We have put more into the new album then anything we have ever done before," says bassist Dave "Phoniex" Farrel. The band spent over 14 months in the studio and wrote more then 100 song demos in the making of Minutes of Midnight, an album which vocalist Mike Shinoda sees as, "a breakthrough in the development of the band's sound."

Mark your calandars for Minutes to Midnight on May 15!

Minutes to Midnight在5月15日發行!
聯合公園眾所期待的新專輯, Minutes to Midnight. 即將在星期二,五月十五日上市! 如果你人不在美國,你可以在星期一五月十四日在唱片行找到!

在四月二日發行的新單曲"What I've Done",你也能搶先聽到。

"我們為了新專輯加入了一些我們沒有以前沒有嘗試過的元素,"貝斯手Dave "Phoniex" Farrel說著。 樂團為了新專輯也花了超過14個月的時間在錄音室寫了超過100首的demos, 主唱Mike Shinoda認為"這是突破樂團聲音的專輯。"




kiss said...

LPTV....用台式的翻法去翻的話 就會變成情色台吧 類似蓬萊仙山吧...

Penny the Tattooed Freak of the Evil One said...

靠 你常看厚!