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Monday, November 20, 2006


還記得那九個從愛荷華來的大男生嗎?每個人穿著工作服,臉上戴著讓小孩子做惡夢的面具,伴隨著重擊節奏和主唱的嘶吼,並以"Before I Forget"在2006年拿下葛萊美獎最佳搖滾樂團的Slipknot。

是的,這對所有熱愛金屬樂的樂迷來說是個好消息,他們在12月5日將會推出片長90分鐘的藝術電影"VOLIMINAL: INSIDE THE NINE"。

官方發佈的新聞如下(對不起我真的懶的翻= =):
Multi-platinum, Grammy-winners Slipknot are proud to announce one-time-only screenings of their breakthrough film Voliminal: Inside the Nine - brought to you by Roadrunner Records and D&E Entertainment.

Screenings will take place in select cities on the day of the double DVD set's release, December 5th - click HERE for a complete list of locations, theatres, radio station sponsors, and information about how to obtain tickets to these ultra-exclusive events.

The picture's director and Slipknot percussionist, M. Shawn Crahan, better known as Clown, will join other members of the band at the theater in New York to answer questions and greet fans. Additionally, at each screening attendees will have a chance to win special Slipknot prizes.

Voliminal: Inside the Nine is a 90-minute art film, created and directed by Clown, which gives the Slipknot fan a window into the world of the band as seen through the mind of its creator. Filmed during the recording of the band's multi-platinum album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) and subsequent world tour, the film was shot on hand-held cameras and, as a result, is brutally honest and visually unique. The sound and eye catching edits are intense, disturbing and jarring while the cinematography brings the viewer as close as one can get to the band.


不過我比較擔心的是台灣應該會買不到吧 (淚)

當然,下面附上電影預告片 千萬別被嚇到囉!

- Corey #8 - vocals
- Mick #7 - guitar
- Paul #2 - bass
- Joey #1 - drums
- Chris #3 - custom percussion
- Craig #5 - samples/media

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