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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

sorrowful mind

once I said, "You shall be my Queen, and I am your knight shall service you til the day you don't belong to me." Now, i woundered if you still belonged to me. Of couse, maybe you didn't love me anymore, I just trying to keep the promice. Or, maybe you still loved me, just as we loved each other, but how do I coutinue to love you if you are not like the one I knew?

Yes, I service you as a Queen, no matter what the fact is, and I realized our Kingdom was falling apart. We couldn't love each other anymore. That really hurts me, and brakes my heart.

I am a knight, thought. I don't like to talk much, I don't like to pretend I am a romatic male. Surly I am also a good, kind knight. Somehow that doesn't matter, becouse girls nowaday love people who can offer money, and lovely to take them to anywhere for fun. Well, say I must, I'm not looking for a Beauty Queen, either not a female only want the part of entertainment in her life. For God's sake, I'm looking for a female who would share our life 'til the day of we die.

I guess it doesn't matter anyway, when the time has come, I shall service my REAL QUEEN then.

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