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Monday, October 02, 2006

3 months

yes, 3 months has passed, i'm still working in CY-Tech. It's a good news for me, at least i made it through,
so, next check point will be June 1 2007, till then, i'll make myself working harder and harder.

right now i was assigned to TaiShin Bank, but i'm not here to be programing, chief sent me here to practice SQL method.
I knew he is for my own good, of couse, for the company's own good too.

After all, kind of not happy here but still all right, at least i like this building and stylish, and lots of chicks !!
well, people here wasn't that bad as i thought, actully they were pretty nice, and fun.

So, it's Octorber, 2 months then i will back to China Trust, and back to who i was.
A guy with long hairy hair, working with my SONY VAIO SZ-23, my favorite brand, the best 3C products in the world.

and the best thing is, i don't need to use those old and slow toplap in TaiShin Bank,
god the excution's time is going to kill me...
it freaking slow, REALLY !!!
also can't use internet, *sigh* forget that, i'd better do my job and stop thinking those businese not my own.

Good Luck, no matter who or whatever you are doing on the duty.

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