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Monday, September 28, 2009


love, happiness, surrounded all over my friends, and i shared their happiness, their joy. but why? there is a feeling i can not tell is hurting my heart.
i wounder why i feel so lonely, i guess that curse still affected, what ever i really wanted, have it i shall not.
i hate this world, i hate everything, but i could not make any different.
gosh, i hope so much i could die so easily, then i can left this hell, this terrible plant, this paradise makes me sick.
but god just don't make it come true, it just wants me suffered more pain, until it satisfied.
and when will that be? i doubt it will never come...
walking in the shadow, i hide myself, run away from my friends, fear to face my love, dare not to say love loud.
i write "a nobody" on my epitaph, and sleep forever, hope no one will remember me.
forever and ever.

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