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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


i got a friend, also my college mate, who just starts to look for a new career.
we were close when we were at college, and i really have to thank him, because he began my career, a software engineer.

now, he just felt so... unfair, maybe? i don't know what he really feels, but disappointed for sure.
i did believe he could be a great product manager, even a product manager leader, but it turns out like this, just like every one's real life.

his dream didn't come true, and he just married, got home loan to pay, a lots of pressure await him.
but he still encourages me, for all these years, he always do.

i'm not going to judge what happened to him is right or wrong, that's how the reality goes, but it really makes me felt so cold about his company. how can they do this to him? after all the hard works he done and those projects he finished.

he been fought so hard to become a product manager, might not be good enough but at least not a bad one.

now what he paid for the company was all gone, i wondered, it could happen to me too.

so, i hopefully he can find a better job, and, he deserved it.