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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What is it all about?

Why? I still don't understand it. It supposes eazy, it supposes simply, how come it turns out like this?

They said it my fault, yes, a part of it should be, surely it was, I did admit, but now it became ALL MY FAULT!

All right, you asked my opinion, I knew you already made decision, so why i said no opinion, and then you blamed me, everyone didn't take my opinion, why asked me?

so, everything became my fault, god damn fault.


Joy said...

你是錯的 ,不論我是笑著還是哭著或是臭著臉,其實你的意見一直來說對我都很重要,真的

Penny the Tattooed Freak of the Evil One said...

silly girl, this article isn't talking about u.
don't worry so much all right?