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Monday, July 03, 2006


how many time i used to play PC games?how many time i used to refuse my buddy's invitation just becouse i wanna play PC games?why i don't play my bass anymore?why my dreams still be dreams?

what's going wrong with me?

i realized one, that is not reality.i can find a batter way to spent my free time, instead sitting in front of PC and thinking about it is very fun.
yes, i should find it out hundreds years ago.

but i must apologized for Janmice and Dodo,thay give me the character in the game,and they accept my rude, my crazy idea, my inexperience.also, i didn't help anything for the guild, as an officer i was definitely failed.

no matter what, u two are still my best JANMICE & DODO

i guess i won't level the game, but perhaps not like the old days.
i'm trying to find a better life, a meaningful life.
til then i'll buy u twos a great gift !!
by the way, i'll buy u a little gift too, KISS Koa.
i'll miss you all, my mates !